Advantages of Coloring for Adults (Must Know)

It is common to have misconception of coloring is for children only. In fact, it is not! Coloring is for everyone in all ages.

According to study, “The researchers found that after coloring for 20 minutes participants reported being more contented, more energetic and calmer than after reading. They also reported higher levels of mindfulness (attending to what is happening in the present moment) and flow (being ‘in the zone’).” For more information regarding this study, go to,’in%20the%20zone’).

  1. It Relieves Stress and Reduce Anxiety

When thoughts are focused on a simple activity, your brain tends to relax. As coloring requires attention to detail and focus on the lines, shapes, so we focus on the activity instead of our worries. Engaging in a coloring activity helps calm the amygdala (the brain’s fear centre) which is responsible for our fight-or-flight stress response that can lead to inflammation. Hence, coloring is able to reduce stress and anxiety as it requires you to focus on present.

Mandala is still one of the most popular types of adult coloring pages. The complex design takes concentration to color and the patterns also give options to express creativity. To see how mandala coloring book looks like:

2. It Exercises Your Entire Brain

Coloring is a good mind exercise because it utilizes both sides of your brain’s cerebral cortex. When you color, you use the logic-based part of your brain to choice the color and pattern, while when you do color blend or pick color choices, you utilize the creative part of your brain. It is definitely a win-win!

3. Help You To be Self Aware and Mindful

Mindfulness is a practice of putting all of your attention to current moment so that you won’t keep worrying. Without realizing, you are practicing mindfulness when coloring because you need to focus on all the patterns and complex designs. This becomes a great method to slow down after a long stressful day and increase mindfulness. You tend to be relaxed because you are not disturbed by your own minds.

4. An Alternatives to Meditation or Yoga

According to Dr. Rodski, “5 minutes of colouring a day is enough to get the same effect on the brain as about an hour worth of conventional meditation.”

Some people find it difficult to feel relax during meditation due to huge amount of thoughts. Hence, coloring is a great alternative to yoga or meditation.

Most adults feel fears, stress, worry due to commitments, responsibilities, financial issues. Constant worrying do little to help us but make us feel bad. With the focus of coloring, negative thoughts, negative emotions will slowly be replaced with positive ones.

Now you have learned how great coloring is, let’s practice today: