Why Digital Product?

Long Lasting - You can reprint the PDF again and again

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Money-Savers - One price, unlimited copies

Eco-Friendly - Print only what you need


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how to buy

1. Click Add To Cart button at your favorite product 

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2. Click Proceed to Checkout at Cart Page

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3. Fill up your credentials > choose payment method and click Proceed

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4. Once payment has been made, you can download it from your profile (if you’re logged in) or download it from your email

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5. Now you’ve got your files. Have fun and enjoy! 

About us

Founder of Bprintable, Sherlyn

Educational books are often expensive and it is a waste of money when it is not fully utilize and you have to throw it at the end of the year.

At Bprintable, we provide ready to use printables at an affordable price. You only buy what you need, and print it as many as you want for repeatedly use. It reduced burden for many kids’ parents.

All the products we are selling are digital product – printables. You will be able to download the files immediately (GUARANTEED!) once the payment is successful.